Compass: Building a Scalable Business

This one day Compass workshop starts with a historical look at several companies across a wide range of business sectors to give you an insight into the factors, which determined their scale and rate of growth.

You will be introduced to the concept of ‘hard start’ and ‘soft start’ businesses, along with the associated risk and investment considerations. You will be invited to place your proposed venture on this scale while reflecting on the practicality of your vision. The consequences of opting for organic or investor led growth is explored.

Business scalability is predominantly determined by a number of external and internal factors. The timing your entrance onto the business playing field is critical. New vigorously growing markets offer better growth opportunities than mature markets, where you are trying to squeeze in between established players. But in fast growing high tech markets you have no option but to throw big resources at the opportunity or miss the ‘window’.

Markets aside it is the rate at which resources and assets can be effectively assembled  that underpins business scaleability. Illustrative examples from diverse types of business are employed to highlight examples of important rate determining factors.

Balancing personal ownership and control aspirations with the need for external investment to grow the business at a rate commensurate with grabbing the market opportunity is a challenge for many. Finally, profit generation and the pros / cons of investment and market timing will be offered for reflection.

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