Compass: Building the Financial Plan

Cash is the fuel on which all businesses run. Building the Financial Plan delivers the insight and tools required to construct a realistic financial plan. Forecasting cash flow and its management forms the central theme of this one day workshop.

Start by reviewing and understanding your vision of the business model and take stock of where you and your project currently stands. Attendees will be encouraged to take a reality check by looking at how other companies in their field of business have evolved.

A methodology for setting realistic technical, market, organisational and financial milestones, highlighting their interconnectedness is presented, along with an awareness of how the enterprise is judged from the outside, (e.g. investors, customers, suppliers).

Building on the foregoing work, you are required to draw up a milestoned plan for their venture, backed by realistic assumptions.

Bill Bryan’s cash-flow model will be employed to illustrate the sources of cash generation / consumption and how timing affects the company’s liquidity (cash) position. The main challenges in forecasting cash income / expenditure and matters concerned with decision and financial control are put under the spotlight.

You will be offered a practical methodology for building a financial plan based, in the first instance, on a set of realistic assumptions using the cash flow model as a template.

The workshop concludes with an overview of spread sheet models, proprietary software tools and the habits you must cultivate to keep a grip on your company’s finances.

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