Compass: Investment for Startups & Spinouts

If only it was all about a winning business plan, a great product and a good Powerpoint pitch. Every entrepreneur with a startup or spinout company knows that it’s going to be a hard journey to get funded; the majority just don’t know how hard it’s going to be, just how far away their proposition really is from winning investment or what they really have to do to differentiate their business and plan from the other 97.5% which end up, unread, being deleted or tossed into the bin.

The Investment for Startups and Spinouts Compass will explain in simple terms what questions they really do have to answer (and why they are important) to get investment. It starts with an understanding of the 12 different sources of capital; explains what capital actually costs; what investors want from their invested companies, when and why; how to find investors who might actually have an interest in your company; how to get a meeting; how your meeting will be structured; understanding what is said and what it really means; understanding your term sheet; managing the process to completion; the first 100 days post completion; the first 18 months post completion and how to manage your investors and meet their expectations.

This is an essential Compass for any entrepreneur seeking to raise seed or A round investment. The Investment for Startups and Spinouts Compass is a one day highly interactive workshop. To find out more email us at The Investment for Startups and Spinouts Compass.

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