Compass: Marketing for Startups and Spinouts

In all the thousands of books, websites and blogs available on marketing there are very few focussed on identifying and explaining the key marketing tasks that must be done and delivered before you spinout or start your company as well as those that must be done in the first year of business. The Marketing for Startups and Spinouts Compass is designed to educate and inform the first time entrepreneur and provide him or her with the means of developing their own ‘to-do’ list of essential tasks.

This key Compass includes sessions on how to do your own market research to identify what has to be built into your first product and what is unnecessary; top-down and bottom-up market research to find your actual addressable market opportunity; pricing; finding and identifying key prospective customers for Year 1 sales; how to extend this prospecting process to deliver more customers in Year 2. Marketing for Startups and Spinouts also includes sessions on marketing channels, including when to use and how to prioritise social networking, print media, websites, exhibitions and PR companies.
The Marketing for Startups and Spinouts Compass is a one day highly interactive workshop and comes complete with text and work-books.

To find out more email us to enquire about The Marketing for Startups and Spinouts Compass.

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