Compass: Sales for Startups and Spinouts

The selling process for spinout and startup companies is totally unlike that of established companies or SME’s. ‘Conventional’ sales techniques and processes simply aren’t applicable in early stage companies.

The Sales for Startups and Spinouts Compass provides the first time entrepreneur with a simple, comprehensive explanation of the sales voyage, detailing how to explore for prospects; how to develop and achievable, credible sales plan; how to qualify and understand customers’ needs, hopes and fears; what to negotiate on and what to avoid and how deal with price issues. The benefits and disadvantages of developing a product to a specific customer requirement are outlined. This Compass also includes sessions on when and how to hire the first business development person, the first sales person and the first account manager, as well as explaining why titles matter, what they actually mean and what targets they should be set; how to incentivise them and how to manage them to succeed.

The Sales for Startups and Spinouts Compass is a one day highly interactive workshop and comes complete with text and work-books.

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