Some of the very best businesses are low technology and defensible, but those that are high technology often originate with scientists and engineers who know they are unqualified to build a brilliant company alone.

So when we work with a high-tech start-up what we bring are those other missing components. We will ensure that a corresponding commitment from the entrepreneur pays off. This requires not just time and money, but also a high level of involvement on our part at every stage.

We work with our entrepreneurs to build-in all the precursors to a successful company before incorporation, eliminating key risks up front and seeking to transform the engineer or scientist into a business-man or woman. We help build the management team and give them the support, direction and where necessary the business insight to enable them to succeed. We work with the entrepreneur to help identify, qualify and secure early customers. We work to ensure academic entrepreneurs can successfully negotiate their projects through each university’s spinout process. We use our broad network of executives, founders, advisors and investors to accelerate the development of both entrepreneur and company.

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