Venture Management

The Entrepreneur Business School is a venture management company which trains entrepreneurs in how to build investable scalable and ultimately profitable international businesses.

We work with very early stage opportunities, usually starting many months before they incorporate. They often don’t have an experienced management team, ’disruptive technology’, revenue or customers who can be referenced.

What we do is to tip the odds of success in the entrepreneurs’ (and our) favour by working with the founders to evaluate their people, ideas, opportunities and objectives, and then partner with them to cast the idea into an investable business. We help entrepreneurs identify, qualify and access the market opportunity. We are dedicated business partners, bringing experience and a disciplined approach to building a well structured company with a scalable business model. We encourage capital efficiency by using financial resources appropriate to the needs of the entrepreneurs, the company and the investors.

We work intensively and very closely with our portfolio companies; the only way we can do this is to focus, which means that we only work with select companies, universities and funders.

Mob: 0771 380 2749 Tel: 01463 242960 Entrepreneur Business School Ltd., Bayhan House, Englishton Muir, Inverness IV3 8RQ
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