Guided Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneur Business School is a UK-wide network of successful serial entrepreneurs, all of whom are Founders, Directors and leaders of a diverse range of early stage and SME technology businesses.

We provide best-practice business training, specially created to meet the needs of innovative startups.

We don’t deliver ‘theory’. Our portfolio of EBS training, coaching and mentoring comes from experienced executives who share their knowledge and skills, gained from decades of managing the day-to-day realities of starting a technology business.

​We believe, that with the right guidance, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur.

EBS Training

We offer tailor-made 5-day, 12-day, 12-week and 12-month training programmes for key staff in new technology businesses.


Guided Entrepreneurship

Delivers the knowledge and expertise required to steer a new business through a ‘lean start’ process to first sales and investor readiness.


Guided Innovation

For ‘corporate entrepreneurs’ such as
Project and Product Managers developing new propositions within established businesses.


Accredited Training

A 12-month part-time programme guiding ‘corporate entrepreneurs’ through the development and delivery of new commercial propositions.

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Our extensive proprietary portfolio of training materials can be customised to meet all our clients’ needs. It consists of knowledge transfer and training sessions, case studies, business planning tools and hands-on workshops. You choose the content, duration and frequency and we will tailor-make a training programme specifically for you.

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