Guided Innovation

For ‘corporate entrepreneurs’ such as Project and Product Managers developing new propositions within established businesses.

We recognise that innovation, business planning and product development don’t just happen in startups. Project Leaders and Product Managers in established businesses also need the skills, knowledge and expertise required to steer a new proposition through their organisation. These ‘corporate entrepreneurs’ must be able to develop concepts into a compelling business case capable of securing management support.

This programme focuses on a ‘lean burn’ process using a minimal team to quantify a business opportunity, establish technology readiness, and the risks associated with product development. Channels to market and early adopters must be identified and secured. Key deliverables, budgets and milestones must be well-planned and clearly articulated.

Corporate innovators will learn how to build and stress test their project plan and their business case, how to present their proposition to senior management and how to secure endorsement and funding for their project.

EBS training guides key corporate staff through the process of securing management ‘buy-in’ for new product development and delivery. It uses highly personalised , interactive knowledge transfer sessions based on shared learning, case studies and interactive exercises.

All training can be supplemented with regular strategic reviews, individual coaching and expert mentoring.


  • Effective Project Leaders and Product Managers
  • Innovators who can assess and qualify new business and product opportunities
  • Confident business managers who can engage with markets and prospective new customers
  • Innovators who understand technology readiness and risk assessments
  • Better insight into existing and future markets