Accredited Training

A 12-month part-time programme guiding ‘corporate entrepreneurs’ through the development and delivery of new commercial propositions.

‘Guided Innovation for Corporate Entrepreneurs’ is an accredited 12-month part-time programme of business training providing Project Leaders and Product Managers with the knowledge and expertise they need to steer a new proposition through their organisation – from initial concept to the development and presentation of a compelling business case.

This programme focuses on a ‘lean burn’ process using a minimal team to quantify a business opportunity, establish technology readiness, and the risks associated with product development. Channels to market and early adopters must be identified and secured. Key deliverables, budgets and milestones must be well-planned and clearly articulated.

Corporate innovators will learn how to build and stress test their project plan and their business case, how to present their proposition to senior management and how to secure endorsement and funding for their project.

This course is designed to combine with, and complement, the participant’s professional role within either a company or institution. Using training content and study materials provided on our online portal, participants complete preparatory tasks before each monthly training session, after which outcomes and lessons learned can be applied to their company projects back in their workplace.

This programme is accredited by Queen Margaret University at SCQF Masters Level 11 and successful completion carries 60 credits.


  • Markets and Marketing
  • Development and Innovation
  • The Team
  • Introduction to Intellectual Property
  • The Financial Plan and Funding your Project
  • Building the Business Case


  • Identify and evaluate market opportunity to create a justifiable product proposition
  • Apply the principles of ‘technology readiness’ to the process of managing and delivering innovation
  • Resource planning and effective team building
  • Develop an IP strategy
  • Create a robust financial plan
  • Combine all of these principles into a robust , defensible business case