Guided Entrepreneurship

Delivers the knowledge and expertise required to steer a new business through a ‘lean start’ process to first sales and investor readiness.

A tailor-made structured programme of business training providing the leaders of new management teams with the knowledge and expertise they need to steer a new business through the startup process. From securing those vital first customers, to preparing for investment, and eventually scaling the business, EBS training draws on the real world experiences of its team of seasoned professionals.

The programme uses the Customer Discovery – Customer Validation model of business development. Founders must identify the needs of their market and then their customers. They must find product-market fit, create a viable business model and build a s sustainable proposition. They must recruit, manage and inspire their team, differentiate themselves from their competitors, critically review their offering, constantly iterate and sometimes start again.

EBS training guides founders and leaders through every aspect of creating their products and the businesses that sell them. It uses highly personalised , interactive knowledge transfer sessions based on shared learning, case studies and interactive exercises.

All training can be supplemented with regular strategic reviews, individual coaching and expert mentoring.


  • Commercially capable business leaders
  • Confident communicators, equally effective in talking to customers, stakeholders and investors
  • Leaders who can recruit, manage, inspire and retain effective teams
  • Founders who understand how to build a robust business plan and a credible investment case